Who are our clients

We are addressing our services to decision-makers in corporations, NGOs, and state entities, but also to start-ups and SMEs. As the alternative thinking method is human-centric, our work is focused on the relevant individuals in decision-making positions of such organisations – CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs, shareholders, and visionary founders.

Our clients are in fact the most successful people in their industry and organisations. The more successful a person is, the more determination they have put in place to achieve that success, the more inevitable is for that person to achieve a point where there is a limitation of her vision over the future.

The focus needed precisely to achieve the success of a project is narrowing the areas of interest of that person, for the duration of the intense effort of initiation and implementation of that project. Upon reaching the desired destination, the alternative thinking method provides the necessary β€œreset”, the unblocking of the broader perspectives, and the possibility to regain or boost the creative and innovative state of mind that brought the initial success to them and their organisations.

Over their careers, members of our team have assisted over 2,000 clients in identifying the alternatives for solving complex problems of intertwined legal, organisational, economic, and technical nature. They have also been directly involved in complex international alternative dispute resolution cases, amounting to billion of Euros in value.

They have been part of the consultancy team for accelerating the development of dozens of start-ups in various industries, such as IT, consultancy, air-space, commodities, food, medical, HORECA, etc.

The satisfaction and trust of these clients who, in fact, benefitted from the alternative thinking method, is what brought us now to build the integrative project of The Swiss Institute for Alternative Thinking.

We will either find a way, or make one!

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