What we do

We participate in one-to-one sessions for complex problem-solving and we organise brainstorming sessions with the client’s teams to identify alternative solutions in complex situations they are confronting. Together with legal, technology, business, and finance consultants we may also provide assistance in the implementation of the desired solutions.

We support our clients with new ideas, new approaches, and the necessary thinking design tools to build alternative use-cases for their innovative products and services and to accelerate their business development, particularly in the context of the implementation of new technologies and creation of innovative business models and organisational structures.

We develop personalised programs for individuals and organisations, to provide specific alternative thinking tools for dealing with the change and transformation needed in specific in the nowadays continuously challenging social, economic, and technological environment. We are providing follow-up support to our clients, to ensure the continuous adaptability and long-term sustainability of the solution-finding process thus generated.

We assist our clients to regain and boost their creativity and innovation skills by using the alternative thinking method. We aim at increasing their adaptability to the disruptive environments they face in their activities and their mental agility in implementing the identified solutions. We also provide support in identifying the necessary changes for the multi-faceted business, technology, and legal perspectives.

We highlight for our clients their in-house talents for innovation, the “alternative minds” of their organisations, with the aim to build their innovation teams and accelerate their development. We enable our clients to connect their in-house innovation teams with external sources, in building an open innovation practice and permeable to the continuous input from the environment they need to adapt to.

We provide training to individuals and organisations on how to develop alternative thinking skills and how to implement the alternative thinking method in their organisations. We work with key individuals in the organisations in one-to-one sessions and in team sessions, integrating our training activity with that of the coaches that support the sustainability of the systemic change of both thinking and behavioural patterns, when needed.

We include our module on education in the alternative thinking method in executive education programs, in cooperation with various universities, training institutes or mentoring & coaching workshops. We also organised personalised sessions of executive educations, upon the request of various organisations, tailored to their specific needs either aimed at generating systemic long-term adaptation and innovation skills project-based (for example when exploring entering on a new market or expanding their activity in new territories, or when facing a business crisis or a complex dispute).

We are continuously improving and adapting ourselves by research activities with the aim to regularly publish our findings. We also develop our interests in the impact of new industries and new technologies to the existing business models, and in innovative types of social interactions and organisational structures, upon our clients’ request.

We will either find a way, or make one!

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