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We are an international team of highly innovative experts with innovative minds – “alternative minds”, thought leaders recognised internationally in our field of activity and as part of interdisciplinary teams combining business & economy, law, engineering and new technologies, philosophy, psychology, international relations, management, and marketing.

Members of our team are university professors, entrepreneurs, advanced engineering specialists, multidisciplinary technologists, innovation mentors, CEOs, inter-disciplinary consultants, lawyers, and specialists in alternative methods for dispute resolution.

Our backgrounds are anchored in solid professional success in a cross-cultural background. We innovative minds, pioneers inspiring leaders in our own work environments, successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, hall of fame speakers, recognised internationally as thought leaders in our fields of activity.

We successfully assisted in the resolution of complex problems of various organisations – corporations, start-ups, national and international NGOs, and state entities. Members of our team actively contributed to creating, growing, and scaling up innovative ecosystems, and shaping legal policies or development of legal alternatives in dispute resolution for newly emerged technology-based business models.

Our experience crosses many industries, such as IT, technology, aerospace and transportation in general, oil & gas, natural resources, energy and renewable energy, construction, real estate, consumer goods, medical, and climate change.

This is how the alternative thinking method has been developed, over the years of personal experience in alternative techniques to approach problem-solving.

We have also mentored generations of decision-makers – CEOs, start-ups founders, and professionals – in developing their projects and boosting their mental agility from start-up level up to redesigning innovation in multinational corporations. We have experience at the highest level of education in universities of law, business & economics, engineering & technology, informatics, and international relations. We were part of many research projects, leading or mentoring a number of them, in innovative fields such as alternative dispute resolution, blockchain-based ecosystems, eco-design, etc.

When needed, for specific advice, we cooperate with top technology & engineering specialists and research laboratories top, with top business and financial consultancy firms, with marketing firms, law firms & dispute resolution services providers, and with coaching and training firms worldwide.

The members of the Swiss Institute for Alternative Thinking are formed as an informal network of independent professionals with a wide range of professional expertise and geographical locations, working together in project-based teams, upon the specific of each assignment. Their affiliation with the Institute is not creating any general conflict of interests among its members, such a situation being assessed on a project-by-project basis.

Project’s director: Crenguta Leaua, Ph.D.

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