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George V. Leaua

George Leaua, M.A., is a member of the team of The Swiss Institute for Alternative Thinking and senior researcher. Capitalising on his background in space policy, international relations, and philosophy, his educational and professional focus on science and technology allow him to seamlessly integrate various disciplines into analyses of complex global problems.

George’s experience in multiple international organizations allow him to effortlessly work on cross-cultural issues and connect with ease ideas across different cultural backgrounds. He has always been fond of foreign languages and cultures, currently speaking over five languages to various degrees of mastery. George is proficient in English, German, and Romanian has a working knowledge of Italian and French and is currently learning Russian and Spanish. The intersection and interconnections between languages and different cultures have always fascinated George, inspiring him to continue his journey of life-long learning.

George has a particular inclination toward the understanding of social behaviours as his areas of interest and study included philosophy, religious studies, psychology, socio-cultural anthropology, international affairs, and political science. These interests, anchored into a solid education in micro and macro economics, mathematics, and sciences such as physics and astronomy, paved the road towards his current work at the interface between science, technology, and policy.

His strong interests in history, current global affairs, and futurism enable George to produce overarching analyses not only in space but also in time. Constantly looking at problems from multiple alternative perspectives, he is able to rationalize seemingly irrational problems.


George’s professional and education backgrounds reflect his passion for emerging technologies, ethical decision-making, and international policies. His long-term aspirations include contributing to the future of human development into outer space, supported by human-centric and ethically developed advanced AI systems. George seeks to pursue a doctoral degree in the future, focusing on the ethics of space exploration, as well as to share his knowledge of and passion for these technologically-driven developments with the next generations.

After his undergraduate studies in international relations and philosophy, George graduated with a Masters in Arts degree in International Science and Technology Policy from the Elliott School of International Affairs. During his graduate studies, he researched topics across the broad spectrum of technology issues, including space, nuclear, artificial interlligence, and cross-border data flows.

His strong  analytical capacities have been shaped by his work as research assistant at the Space Policy Institute in Washington, DC. , as well as authorship of research papers presented at conferences or published by international organisations, on various topics such as the data protection across US, Europe and Asia, or the impact of innovation in the space industruy (he co-authored the paper titled “Innovation in the exploration of the outer space”, published by the World International Property Organisation – WIPO).

His work experience includes various internships with  important diplomatic missions and international organizations, including the Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations in New York, the International Chamber of Commerce and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris (Nuclear Energy Agency), as well as the work of administrative assistant to the director of the Space Policy Institute in Washington, DC.

George is currently working with G-SPACE, Inc., a vibrant start-up company based in Sillicone Valley, which is supporting the next industrial revolution by enabling in-space manufacturing of new and advanced materials and unlocking new opportunities in space for terrestrial companies. He is conducting business development operations, building partnerships, and managing various projects for the company.


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