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Florin Paun

Florin Paun on alternative thinking

The only lock-in impeaching you to react or find a solution even in case of direct threats on your existence is the cultural one.

Finding a solution, evolving, it is all about mindset… if you unlock your thoughts you will unlock your capabilities and you could even harvest tomatoes on planet Mars! This is simply a matter of Changing the Rules of the Game and Provoke on Cultural Basis…

I don’t know precisely how it happen but… I do think I’m one of the best “nose” nowadays in positioning tech to markets and as soon you ask yourself about your strategic tech & market road maps you could find a trustfull partner with me in challenging and refining your tech based business models and vision!

While being in charge of tech transfer for the ONERA – The French Aerospace Lab, I discovered that the most important challenge to transfer technologies to the market it was the scientists’ culture… thus I modified the scientists personal evaluation rules and as soon as a patent worth as much as a A-type publication and a licence agreement even more… the National Office hit a 15 licence agreements yearly record.

Being deeply involved in the Tech Transfer Society (T2S) I have seen how much efforts the community injected in the licensing activity and simply understood that the job was perceived mainly within a technology push approach and needed more market pull hybridisation… Back home I started to gather together all the SMEs within the region were ONERA had offices telling them they are not more alone… and make them dearing to ask for their technological dreams!

Missing the tools led me to invent them and thus: one to complete the Technology Readiness Level scale with the Demand Readiness Level Scale (since then generalized into Innovation Readiness Methods) and second to conceive and build a juridic innovation, the Risk and Benefits Sharing Commercial Contract, allowing ONERA, a public entity, to work with SMEs wich could not afford to pay entirely for the new technology they want to adopt!

We create more then 2000 jobs in 7 years based on emerging aerospace & defense technologies adopted in all the domains, from healtcare and medtech to wind mills, ceramic machining, computer software and of course aerospace.

Yes, it works!

Lets team-up together for your future success!

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